Team Fortress Arcade


Fantastic remake of the classic Team Fortress 2


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Team Fortress Arcade is a retro style 2D action game, directly inspired by the characters and game modes of the brilliant free-to-play game from Valve, Team Fortress 2.

Team Fortress Arcade is designed for one to four players to play on the same computer. On the game's main screen, you just have to press the jump button that corresponds to each player who wants to participate and then you can get the party started.

The sniper, the medic, the scout, the 'heavy', the demoman, the spy ... all the characters from Team Fortress 2 are here, each with his own weapons and special attacks. In other words, playing with any one of the characters will be completely different from playing with another.

Team Fortress Arcade is divided into a series of levels representing legendary maps from the original Team Fortress 2. For example, in one of them, you have to escort the wagon through the mines while in another, you'll have to roam the shipyard shooting at robots non-stop.

Team Fortress Arcade is a retro-style first-person shooter that manages to mix the entertainment value of Valve's awesome free-to-play title with the look and old-school vibe of traditional arcade games.
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